Schrade Father's Day Gift Guide

If you’re stumped trying to find a gift for dad this year that isn’t another tie, tool or bottle of whiskey then you’re in luck; here at Schrade we’re masters at getting your dad a gift he’ll use for years to come. We went straight to the dads on staff here at Schrade and asked what knives they wanted most for Father’s Day. Whether your dad is a hunter, or simply carries a knife for personal protection we’ve got you covered below.

The Best Hunting Knives for Father’s Day

If it’s time to get your father a new hunting knife, then you’re in the right place. We broke down three of our favorite hunting knives below so you can make sure you get your father exactly what he needs. We have the most requested small and large game knives, and an honorable mention that we had to include.

Small Game Knife: Isolate Caper Fixed Blade

When looking for a small game knife the Isolate Caper Fixed Blade has everything your dad needs. With a thinner profile and a 3” drop point blade this knife will give your dad the extra dexterity needed to work on everything from rabbits to turkey. Made with Aus-10 steel and a non-slip TPR handle, this knife is meant for heavy use in the field. Get more information on the Isolate Caper Fixed Blade knife at this link.

Large Game Knifes: Exertion Drop Point Fixed Blade

When we asked the dads on staff what the best knife for hunting deer and boar would be, the most named knife was the Exertion Drop Point Fixed Blade knife. This 4” drop point tipped blade will make short work of field dressing whatever your father hunts, cutting down on the amount of gear he needs to bring into the field. The non-slip rubberized grip will ensure he has a solid grip when things get messy. Get more information on the Exertion Drop Point Fixed Blade knife at this link.